The best way to track your personal resolutions.

Researchers say about 60 percent of us make personal resolutions but only about 8 percent are successful in achieving them if not tracked. With Resolutz you can track what matters to you all in one place.

Resolutz helps you achieve your New Year Resolutions, goals, and much more

Trusted by resolution-makers that want to avoid procastinating their dreams!
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Achieve your personal commitments with Resolutz

Works with any device
Managing your Resolutions from any devices has never been easier. Resolutz works in recent browsers, Android, iOS and more.
Keep yourself honest
Even if you have a great goal for the year, it's easy to forget about it down the track. With Resolutz you can get it done for real, step by step.
Easy to define milestones
You can easily add steps, how-to or milestones to each resolution, so you can ensure even a difficult resolution becomes actionable.

Features Highlights

Easy Resolution management

Add, edit and manage all your Resolutions in one place, so you can always know where you sit with your resolution.

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Receive notifications

Set simple notifications via email, so you can keep an eye on your Resolution throughout the year.

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Access your Resolutions history

Access previous years and completed Resolutions so you can do effective restrospective on your commitments.

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Share your Resolution (Cooming Soon)

Share your Resolution with your friends and family to get quick feedback and support.

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Simple user interface

Use our simple 'Add Resolution' template based on the 'start with the why' methodology, for more effective management.

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